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Perhaps you have already heard of facial yoga? Expert Sylvie Lefranc explains how to get started with this holistic practice.

The face has almost fifty muscles. However, we think much less about working them than those of the body... Big mistake! To keep a relaxed face and smooth the features, it is sufficient to practice facial yoga on a regular basis. In vogue in the United States or in Japan, this method has been used in France for several years, in particular thanks to Sylvie Lefranc, hatha yoga teacher and author of "Face Yoga" (Leduc editions). The expert helps us to see more clearly at Yoga Teacher Training in India.


“Facial yoga rests on three pillars,” explains the expert. The first being facial gymnastics in order to tone and strengthen the facial muscles. The second is to perform self-massages and facial acupressure to promote the production of collagen and elastin, accelerate cell renewal and energy circulation. The third brings together the practice of hatha yoga and yin yoga to tone, rebalance the body and take care of its emotions. An entire program!


Why take up facial yoga? Quite simply because this technique provides considerable benefits for the skin: relaxed face, smoothed and firmer features, plumped and revitalized skin... A visible change that lasts over time with regular practice.


If facial Yoga Teacher Training in India has a global approach, here are some exercises offered by Sylvie Lefranc concerning more particularly facial gymnastics. The good trick? Practice them when applying a treatment to kill two birds with one stone.

Smoothing the forehead

To soften and cheer up the forehead, place both hands at the top of the forehead and push it back upwards. Look down. Maintain muscle tension for five seconds. Repeat at least 10 times.

Attenuation of the lion's wrinkle

To fight against the wrinkle of the lion, massage with the index fingers the corrugating muscle of the eyebrow (inter-eyebrow area) by smoothing obliquely from bottom to top, from the birth of the eyebrows; then firmly place the palm of the hand on this area and compress the muscle. Repeat 5 times.

The opening of the look and the smoothing of the crow's feet

To open the eyes, put the thumbs on each side of the neck and place the other four fingers flat at the temples. Slide your fingers firmly backwards, leaning on your thumbs. Resist for five seconds then release, throwing your fingers back at Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Reduction of the nasolabial fold

To smooth nasolabial lines (also called smile lines ), place the palms of the hands-on the temples and stretch backwards; open the mouth and make an O with the lips by sticking the upper lip on the teeth. Hold for five seconds. Repeat twice.

Lip contour lift

To lift the lip contour, swell the cheeks then place a hand on the mouth and press so as not to let the air escape, then pass the air above the lips and then below; repeat 3 times.
To plump the lips, vibrate the lips while blowing vigorously as if to make bubbles while Yoga Teacher Training in India. Repeat 3 times.

The toning of the oval of the face

To lift the neck and strengthen the tensing muscles of the lower face, place the two hands in a cut under the chin by fitting around the oval, head raised, then tilt the head forward while resisting with the hands for six seconds, relax, breathe, then repeat 5 times.



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